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ANY time you look at your mobile, i-phoe, i-pad, tablet, pc, televisor SCREEN you should say thanks to MR. DONALD STOOKEY and to the CORNIG GLASS WORKs as well as to A HUGE ERROR, TIME PASSING BY and MR. JOBS, who else?
Then you should think at all these GLASSES as GORILLA GLASS.

After time spent in trying some formula and by an error discovering a type of glass named 0317 someone decided to store it into the Cornig Glass Works archives…
This until 2005… and then 2007 when someone discovered this olf project and asked to renew it, reinvent, make it stronger and stronger
even if we are still talking about GLASS!

Its unique style when breaking like a spider net… should sound familiar to all of us.

Starting from the first GORILLA GASS up to the present GORILLA GLASS 2 with a 20% plus resistence if compared with the first one.
This year, 2013, we will have a new one, even better!

Then at the CORNIG they go forward and we have now (maybe they have now) the WILLOW…. a new glass version, more vesatile…most probably to be used for future OLED DISPLAYS, ultra thin displays, solar panel and GLASS PAGES…
This seems to be the future.

Well ate the moment this huge pallet of Willow are stored at Harrodsburg factories waiting for a new Jobs to be booked and requested.

We are living in a FLEXIBLE SOCIETY… so we are going to use sooner or later FLEXIBLE ITEMS… MADE OF GLASS!



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