Pubblicato da: stefania | 2012/03/11



1 year passed from the terrible Tsunami in Fukushima area and huge earthquake.
1 year passed all around the world with several discussions over the real use and need of such great and UNSECURE nuclear implants, in Japan and all over our countries…
1 year ago the great Japanese people showed, again, the beautiful and even wise feelings of a Nation toward sadness, death, destruction, fear…
All people around the world loving Japan and Japanese people is hardly trying not to go back to Japan because of EXTREME FEAR OF RADIACTIONS…
This will be difficult for all of us.. not to have the chance again to get in touch with Japanese Culture, beautiful nature (hanami in springtime and autumn leaves), excellent cuisine and so on.

Hoping not to hear of such terrible nuclear threats over Japan and anywere else , this is just my personal feeling dating back to 1 year ago.
G A M B A T T E !!!

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