Pubblicato da: stefania | 2010/11/27



coming back home

it was  friday and i was feeling so sad

inside me and outside everything seemed grey and without light

suddenly on the street

on the way back home


suddenly a little child with a pink winter hat and a simple smile

runned on to me

she stopped beside me, together with her simple smile

I looked at her with my sad face and she looked inside me with her smiling face

we looked each other for very few seconds

and while I was thinking about those sad feelings inside of me she run out with her question:

“Lady! Which child are you mother of..?”

She said exactly like this with her smile… I stopped not really know how to reply her without passing her my bad feelings

but, after replying her with words of negation and hope. I started feeling better

We changed again few words…
She seemed an angel to me

She treated me like I was cute to her, a child.

This was

yesterday on the way back home



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